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Why not 'cause I'm always bored. xD
Found this from SilverfanNumberONE

1. Pick the character(s) you want to use.
2. RP as your character and answer each question.
3. Tag people I am a dummy! !

I hope it rains by TophatCrow

1. Introduction time! What is your name?
"I, umm, I'm called Bookworm but people usually uses just Book.."

2. Awesome! What gender are you?
"Umm, male I think?"

3. Your age?
"I'm actually over.. thirty." *looks away shyly* 

4. What do you love?
"Love is really strong word.. But maybe flowers..?"

5. What do you hate?
"Umm.. I.. dislike persons who doesn't respect others at all.. And there's rain that I dislike too."

6. Got any powers.
"Ah, erm, do you mean like physical powers or..? I-I'm good florist if I can say that by myself."

7. Ever hurt or helped someone with your powers?
"N-no..! I haven't hurt anyone! At least I hope so.. B-but I have managed to teach people successfully about growing flowers."

8. Okay time to get personal! 
"W-wait what..!? No, please, wait..!"

9. Who was your first crush?
"You're still doing it..!? I, umm, it was woman called Rose.."

10. Ever asked your crush out? If so what was it like?
"I-it was so awkward..! I couldn't do it.. so, umm, it was actually her who asked me out.."

11. How many people have you dated?
"J-just one.."

12. Ever kissed anyone?
"N-no, since it's impossible with my head.."

13. Do you have any kids? If so how many and what are their names?
"N-no, I don't have any kids..! I, uh, umm.."

14. Have you ever "did it"? 
"Y-you mean..!? Nooooo..!" *hides his face with his hands*

15. Good or Evil?
"I prefer good.."

16. Have you ever killed someone? If so why?
"Heavens no! Please..! Please don't ask something like that.."

18. Are you married?
"I, ah, I was.."

19. What was the worst day you have ever had?
"It's probably when my w-wife.. died.. They were quite dark days.."

20. What was the best day you have ever had?
"There have been many.. Most of them started coming after I met Rose.."

21. What was your first date like?
"Please no..! I couldn't hardly even talk then.. It was just.. so awkward..!"

22. Are you dead? If so how did you die?
"Dead!? Dear god, I do hope I'm not dead..!"

23. Are you married?
"W-wait, didn't you asked about this already..?"

24. Did you marry your first love?
"I, uh, yes.."

25. What would you want your dream girl or boy to look like?
"I-I don't really care about the look.. it's really depends what's on inside.."

26. What are you most afraid of?
"I-I don't know.. I already went through so much fear.."

27. Have you lost someone close?
"Yes.. y-you already know it, so.."

28. Who are you closest too?
"Ah, I have this one friend who likes to visit my shop usually. We usually just chat tough.."

29. If you'd do anything at all what would it be?
"I-I think that's too much freedom.. I'm okay what I have now.."

30. Okay you're done now go tag some people :D (Big Grin)

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Your art is beautiful. Do you color in traditionally or combine with digital coloring?
Love how vibrant your colors are <3
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Se on aina yhtämukavaa bongata joku suomalainen devistä, ja vieläpä joku joka on noin taitava! Rakastuin varsinki noitten sun hahmojen asuihin, jokainen niist on niin upee mut samalla aintulaatuinen! Ja söpö profiilikuvakin ;D

Hee, kaikkee ei voinu säätää pienempään pakettiin, mutta joo, miten olisi pienimuotoine ArtTrade? Vai teetkö niitä ees? ;w;
Ois siistii nähä, et sie piirtäsit jotaki miulle ja mie jotaki siulle :D

Hyvää päivänjatkoa! :3
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